An eCommerce merchant has to play dozens of logistical operations, marketing tactics, and communication strategies to increase the sales & performance of the store.

The following are the vital eCommerce changes that can help you to skyrocket your eCommerce sales.

1. Sales from Abandoned Carts – If a customer fails to make it from the cart to thank you page, then shoot him/her a mail. Many eCommerce stores are also doing WhatsApp. You can do this activity once a week by developing a button in the backend which sends mail to all customers who left their sales unfinished. Just a button will send emails to every customer who has something in the cart. It will DEFINITELY increase the sales.

2. Record your visitors – Watch what your customers do on your site. It’s like fitting CCTV on your physical store. Yes, there are tools for that. You can RECORD all activity of your users & make your site customize accordingly. See things from visitors’ view, feed them what they want & increase the sales. You can hire a professional to install such a script on your site. Don’t worry this is legal & easy. 🙂

3. Mobile ECommerce – It’s not 2010 anymore. Users spend more time on mobile. You have to make sure your site is functioning properly in a responsive manner against all mobile devices. Take advantage of mobile speed with quick & flawless checkout. You can design a mobile app or PWA to increase user engagement & sales. It’s proven that having an app and responsive site increases sales in almost all cases.

4. Increasing Page Speed – This is the most crucial and important to task to do. Increasing speed will improve your SEO ranking. It’s very simple that MORE speed means MORE sales. As per research the ideal loading time users prefer is less than 3 seconds. If your site isn’t loading within the same timeframe then you’re losing sales.

5. Thank you page – Optimize your thank you page properly by adding your social media icons. This will increase your social media circles that will help you to retarget your customer again and again. Let’s assume you send a customer to an Instagram profile where you will be having numerous products listed. So, cover up your visitors from all channels. 🙂

Apart from the above FIVE, there are numerous changes you can do to increase sales. Consult an eCommerce UI/UX expert to help you implement such tactics today.