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React Game Development

Blending creativity and strong technical skills, our React game developers shape your imagination into a React-based game app that provides your users with an excellent gaming experience.

We have expertise in crafting custom react game development across all genres using Unity, Cocos2D, Pixi.Js, Cocos-Js, PlayCanvas, and other industry trusted and leading tools to create 100% customer-centric React game apps.

Build your game app now
Build your game app now

React Game Development Company

We, React Ninjas, are serving global clients for over decades as the most reliable React game development company. Whether it is to develop the game app from scratch or finetune it, our developers thrive to convert innovative game ideas and dream concepts into stunning apps. Collaborating with React Ninjas, you get the chance to save up to 30% of operational costs as we ease your resource hiring burden, and help you set up a game development team leveraging our highly flexible and transparent business model.

Custom React Game Development Services

As a leading Mobile Game Development Service Provider Company in India and across the globe, we are committed to creating amazing applications that match the customer's expectations, vision and players' preferences. When you reach us, you get a wide array of services our skilled game app developers are capable of delivering like:

Customize Games

Our expert React game developers have solid technical skills and experience in shaping your imagination into reality with game customization services to meet clients’ needs.

Single Player

Our professional gaming app developers can develop player-centric single-player games based on React.


We have and can create and deliver aesthetic and compelling multiplayer game development services that match players' expectations leveraging React Native.

2D/3D Games

We develop various types of 2D/3D games using Unity and other industry-leading tools that attract more players and keep them engaging using React Native.


We Leverage the potential of React Native to build a stunning game app that runs well across genres like iOS, Android, and Windows, that too across the screens.

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Book a Free Consultation

Result-driven Benefits of React Game Development

You get a dual benefit when you decide to choose React and react native for game Web and Mobile app development with React Ninjas. And that is you get access to professional game developers, save 30% cost and work with experienced developers that provide end-to-end game design, development, deployment, marketing, support and maintenance.

Large Community

React has massive community support striving to bring innovations in a cadence. It is a JavaScript library that ensures its future is secure.

Live Reload

Contrary to other cross-platform tech stacks and frameworks, React allows developers to make changes and do a live reload of the app. It eliminates the time-consuming and inefficient process.

Modular Architecture

React is a tremendously versatile architecture that allows game app owners to make changes as they want on a personal note. It offers a personalized touch and opens future success doors.

Mobile Interface

One of the reasons why businesses choose React is its beautiful UI offering. It allows developers to design astonishing user interface for hybrid apps that support multiple screens.

Code Reuse

React allows developers to code only once and uses the same code to create both iOS and Android apps. This unique feature makes choosing React for game development cost-effective.

Let's Get Started Today. We are Ready!

Have a unique game idea in your mind? Want to transform the idea into reality? Talk to our experienced React developers who have successfully developed and deployed 2D,3D, AR/VR and cross-platform apps that are compatible running across the screens.

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Contact Us

Why Hire React Game Developers from React Ninjas?

Because we employ the top 1% of Indian talent that are ardent & disciplined at their work, solidly educated which kills the worry of communication issues, and are experienced in providing comprehensive React game development services using React and other cutting-edge technologies at a competitive rate contrary to the market price. You can hire developers from us on a part-time, full-time, or on a project basis to fulfill any requirements like crafting intuitive UI, customer-centric and seamless UX of the web app to take your business from meteoric to mediocre.

Experienced Developers

Our developers' experience is even more than the company’s age which is 10+ years. They are disciplined and experienced in developing flawless game apps by applying the best coding practices.

Proven Track Record

We have had a significant global presence for 10+ years and have earned ample experience in developing and delivering 25+ React app development projects of which 5 are gaming apps.

Good Command of English

React Ninjas React development team is highly educated and every member has a minimum of 5+ years of experience in dealing with overseas clients. Hence, communication will not be a barrier for you when you collaborate with React Ninjas.

Client Satisfaction

For us, our client’s satisfaction is first and secondary to ours. We walk the extra mile just to make sure you are content and taste the pleasing experience that allures you and encourages you to come back to us to gain our React game development solution.

Industries We Serve

In our journey of 10+ years, we have catered to a wide range of clients coming from various industries. At React Ninjas, we develop and deliver industry-focused applications that meet evolving future industry demands. Our developers are capable to deliver end-to-end custom software solutions to a wide range of industries that are:

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Education

  • Logistics

  • Real Estate

  • Wellness & Fitness

  • Ecommerce & Retail

  • Healthcare

  • Oil & Gas

  • Transportation

  • Baking & Finance

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Manufacturing

Be your boss. Hire as per your project requirement. Hire React game developers or a React game developers team from one of the best React development companies in India. We offer a wide array of React Web Development services across the industries at a competitive price contrary to market rates.

Let’s hop on a call
Let’s hop on a call

FAQs About React Game Development

1Is React good for game development?

In response to the question, the quick answer is Yes. The reason is that it comes with 3 components that support developers to build highly intuitive, interactive and player-centric game apps for various genres including iOS, Android and Windows.

First, It comes with the box component that handles tic-tac-toe objects when developing a game app in react.

Second, it comes with the game component that plays a vital role in handling the game logic such as the “game over” and “reset”.

And last but not the least, the layout component is used to handle the entire layout of the game.

Hence, it can be said that React is a good choice for Game app development and it is even cost-effective.

2Can you develop games for the Cross-platforms?

Yes, we can develop games for the Cross-platforms. Our React developers use Unity and other necessary industry-leading tools and tech stacks to develop hybrid gaming apps that work across the OS and devices.

3How much time will it take to build and launch my video game?

The answer to this question is not straight. The total time to launch your video game depends on the size of your project, the number of features, the design you decide, the number of developers you choose, the type of developers you choose (experience in years), and more decide the total time.

However, if you are ready with your concept and clear with the project, you can reach out to our game development experts and get a free 30-minute consultation to understand the tech stack that will suit your project and the time it will take to market it. Consulting an experienced developer is the right choice for you to save your time and get a proper understanding

4How can a CMS integrate with React game application?

Integrating CMS with React allows developers to create, store, manage, and publish the content over an API. It empowers the developers to quickly build excellent user experiences and make them free from the worry of its impact on the back-end business logic.