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ReactJS Integration Services

Whether it is to realign the business application as per the need, enhance the performance of the web and application, or provide advanced features and functionalities to the end-user React Ninjas provide end to end integration services. We follow only the best practices of ReactJS integration services ensuring a seamless data exchange, and bug-free integration and enabling you to reap optimum benefit from this most needed integration service.

Consult Expert
Consult Expert

Comprehensive ReactJs Integration Service for Versatile Businesses

Be it third-party integration, custom API development, or API testing, we have designed and integrated countless APIs for various domains. Our ReactJS developers have gained hands-on years of experience in the Integration of ReactJs into existing applications. Contrary to other technology like AngularJS integration, ReactJS integration solutions is a modular model where it doesn’t require rewriting a code but just a particular feature of the web or application without hindering the performance of the entire software. This speciality of ReactJS makes it fast and compatible which results in turns out to be cost-effective and result oriented.

At React Ninjas, we have assisted clients of various domains across the globe with our speed and dedication. With our reliable ReactJS API integration, we assure our clients that by integrating ML, IoT, and AI features with ReactJS applications, they will be able to expand their business value and enhance their performance. We not only provide integration services but also post-deployment support so that the web or app is tested and made sure it is running absolutely fine and if any bug or error is encountered, we resolve it at the same time to ensure the performance is not downgraded.

Our ReactJs Third-Party Integration Services Are Designed to Deliver Business-Centric Solutions & Benefits

Our ReactJS experts hold decades of experience in third-party integration services. We at React Ninjas know how crucial third-party integration is for businesses to enhance their performance, add new features, remove bugs and deliver outrageous experiences to the end-user. Keeping these all in mind, our ReactJS third-party integration services are comprised of:

  • Custom Integration Solution to match specific business needs
  • Reliable & round the clock support
  • Third-party plugin integrations
  • React-based UI integration services
  • Integrate social engagement stats of various social media platforms
  • Highly functional ReactJS based plugins
  • Stable code and one-way data binding
  • Web and app performance optimization
  • Enhancing features by adding new APIs
  • API integration in ReactJS application
  • Payment gateway integration with ReactJS

Benefits of ReactJS Framework

What a business needs, ReactJs has it all. ReactJS is a free to use & open-source JavaScript library that helps developers create aesthetic, intuitive and highly responsive UI that performs well across the screens. As ReactJS is a component-based architecture, it is the first choice of business owners and technical agencies, And the reason is it allows faster deployment and supports delivering scalable front-end applications.

  • Lightweight Code
  • High Performing
  • Easy to Learn and Easy to Apply
  • Virtual DOM
  • Completely Scalable
  • Easy Testability
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Unique Developer Tools
  • Fast Scripting
  • Event Handling
  • Ease of Migration
  • 100% Reusable Components

Why Choose Us as Your ReactJS Integration Partner?

Because we have served clients across the globe and helped them in achieving their objectives by delivering their requirements on time with uncompromised quality

Custom Solutions

We believe that not one solution fits for all. Hence, we have a custom solution for every unique requirement and design a new roadmap as per the client's requirement to deliver a niche-based solution.

Result-Driven Work Methodology

With years of experience, our experts have designed a result-oriented work methodology that allows developers keenly focus on delivering only the best products and services to every client.

Innovative & Unique Approach

Our approach is unique with the motto of helping clients achieve their objectives. We are passionate about learning and implementing the best technologies that will better suit your requirements.

On-time Project Deployment

We follow the result-driven development process & apply the best practice like Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment with the commitment of delivering the project on or before the given timeline.

Trustworthy & Reliable Support

Constant, 24/7 and C-level post-deployment support to every project we onboard and make sure it is meeting the latest standard of the market and performs seamlessly throughout the lifespan.

Constant Communication

At React NiInjas, we provide a C level of support to our clients where the senior tech lead takes care of the project and bridges the gap between the developer and client by ensuring constant communication during the development process.

Highly Skilled Team

A team at React Ninjas is skilled and talented with decades of experience on versatile projects of ReactJS development and integration of countless third-party APIs.

Regular Reporting

We make sure the transparency is maintained by regular reporting and periodic updates to each of our clients right from the project onboarding to final deployment.

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Our ReactJs Integration Service to Empower a Wide Range of Industries

No matter which business domain you belong to, our ReactJS integration service is made to add wings to versatile businesses and reach new success heights. Be it complex, simple or multi-disciplinary web application projects, our ReactJS experts can serve you with a personalized experience. If you are looking to lead the market and want to be the first choice of your customers, contact ReactJS Integration Company for any of your requirements, let the experts do their work and you focus on growing your business.

Gathering project requirements

Analyzing and assessing requirements

Intuitive frontend design and development

Quality testing and quality assurance

MVP deployment

Final product launching

Support and maintenance

Wide Range of Industries We Serve to make them Future-Ready

Since our beginning, we have got the opportunity to serve various business domains in terms of providing them ReactJS integration services and more. We are ready to serve many more industries and empower them to reach new success heights. Below are a few of the top industries we have served so far:

  • Ecommerce & Retail

  • Education

  • Transportation

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Wellness & Fitness

  • Healthcare

  • Real Estate

  • Oil & Gas

  • Baking & Finance

  • Logistics

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Manufacturing

Do you have an application or web application and want integration or migration without losing data?

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FAQs About ReactJS Migration Services

1Why does my business need React Integration Services?

Contract to Angular, ReactJS is far better. Whether its development or integration, ReactJS is fast, scalable and modular. When integrating with ReactJS, you do not have to rewrite the code entirely for a full frontend, whereas, Angular asks for the rewriting of the code. The reason why businesses need React integration is, that it is cost-effective, fast, scalable and adaptable. It has strong community support that ensures its future is bright and will support it throughout its lifespan.

2How to integrate API in ReactJS?

First thing first. Find API, select an API you want to integrate into your business. Get an API key, review the API documentation, write a request to an endpoint and finally, you can connect or integrate the API in ReactJS.

3How to Integrate Payment Gateway in ReactJS?

Many payment gateways are available in the market. They all have the same core aim of providing payment service but each has a unique API key. The steps you need to follow to integrate a payment gateway in ReactJS are:

  • Create a new payment developer account
  • Collect the API keys of the payment gateway you want to integrate
  • Create a ReactJS application
  • Add the scripts to index.html
  • Create a new file name; Logic & UI: (payment gateway) payment integration
  • Import (your choice of payment gateway’s) button in App.js
  • Run the server

Once you run the server, you have successfully integrated the payment gateway in ReactJS.

4How can I fetch data from an external API in React.js?

Create your react project, change your directory and enter your main folder charting as, API endpoint, write code in App.js to fetch data from API and we are using the fetch function. If all these steps are followed correctly, you will be easily able to fetch data from an external API in ReactJS