Client’s Requirements & Goals:

The fashion app was already created in Angular for the customer. Order information was contained in the app, which he wished to transfer without losing any data to the new mobile application. The client required that all data be moved from the angular app to the mobile app. The customer wanted to fully modernise the experience for the users by automating the process. He requested that we incorporate Bluetooth printers of his choosing so that printouts of single and multiple order receipts could be readily pulled out with a single tap on a desktop or mobile in order to make this practicable.

Given the scope of the concept, there was a large demand for payment methods. Pay with cash, use coupons, pay with a card, pay online, use Apple Pay, and use G-Pay are all on the lengthy list. The client requested that we integrate G-pay and Apple Pay so that its clients could quickly and easily complete the checkout process by paying with the payment method of their choice.