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Reactjs migration services

Migrate or upgrade your existing web application from the existing technology to ReactJS by leveraging our ReactJS migration services and making it robust, future-centric and high performing. Our ReactJS developers have experience in seamlessly migrating web and apps belonging to various domains of global clientele.

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ReactJS Migration & Integration Solutions

ReactJS Migration and Integration Solutions is not one size fits all. We’ll first gather your project requirement, analyze it, and provide an expert’s view. And make a tailored strategy to migrate your existing application to the latest ReactJS and integrate it simultaneously to make sure your users enjoy the performance.

From database migration to functionality redevelopment and features migration to third-party APIs integration, you can hire professional ReactJS developers from React Ninjas and we will take on the pains associated with the migration and integration.

Seamless Migration For Web & Mobile Applications to Redefine your Business

In this digital era and with rapid changes in the taste of users’ expectations, you cannot keep pace to lead the market. Nor can your system handle the current workload capacity. To meet the user’s expectations and handle high traffic, migration is the essential aspect to ensure your business growth. Migrate your existing app to ReactJS, one of the most popular frameworks that is promising better performance, agility and scalability.

If you need a mobile-friendly system that is compatible across the platforms and screens. And your cost to maintain the existing app is rising exponentially. Then you can ring ReactNinjas and leave all your pain on our ReactJS developer’s shoulders for ReactJS migration & integration services. Our developers implement the best migration practices and are committed to delivering quality and unprecedented services. We not only migrate the application into ReactJS but also makes sure their taste remains the same or better to the end-user, performance remains unaffected and is adaptable. Our developers ensure the migration process is done without losing any data and promise a flawless delivery.

Enhance your Apps Performance by Leveraging the Benefits of ReactJS Migration

Be it any enterprise or any size of business, ReactJS migration solution these days is nectar for them as it comes with some unmatched outcomes that every app owner wants for their apps. ReactJS is the reliable front-end development language that ensures a powerful and feature-rich front-end for enterprises to scale up their websites and applications to attract new users and keep them engaged. Pick up the advantage of ReactJS migration company and contact ReactNinjas for a successful migration before your competitors do.

  • Share your ideas with the UI/UX expert and ask for the latest UI/UX experience for your customers to redefine and redesign your web application.
  • Migrating to ReactJS, you will experience better performance and your users will experience a shorter loading time with unmatched speed.
  • It allows the reuse of the codes & components from the existing resource and hence it saves time + money.
  • During the migration process, our developers identify & remove unwanted plugins, features, APIs, and other codes to keep the structure fine and flawless.
  • You get complete access to review and audit the migration process in detail and know the insights. You can give suggestions in the runtime and we will apply too.
  • ReactJS code, structure and components are lightweight which ultimately is beneficial in integrating cost-effective APIs and creating a robust ReactJS web application.
  • Our developers proudly follow the debugging process to fix bugs in the run time and seamlessly migrate and develop the existing application.

A well-defined Step-By-Step ReactJS Migration Process

Since we have been in the business for 10+ years of software development, our experts have created the ReactJS migration process for a web application & mobile app. The process is followed by the right person at the right time to deliver the promise before the deadline. Below is the process we have crafted intending to satisfy your end-user to make your business grow. Check out what ReactJS developers at React Ninjas follow for app and web application migration:


We want you to be the first choice of your customers. And that is why we have planning as our first step. Here, our experienced ReactJS developers leverage their expertise, study your market requirements and make a custom migration plan. We plan the entire roadmap, what components to use at what time, the process to follow and roles and responsibilities to make sure the taste of the app remains unchanged.

  • Be it a readymade template or custom UI, we take care of both the issues.
  • Study the code base of you app & identify the security loopholes, if rectified any fix them.
  • Fix the expected and unexpected challenges of the migration.
  • Integrate only necessary modules, plugins and categories to enhance the performance.
  • Cautiously analyze the customer feedback.


We keep the plan at the center and analyze the objective of your business to make an enterprise-grade application. We have the proper knowledge of ReactJS migration, and our developers leverage the same to perform a seamless migration. Before taking the migration step, we follow a few considerations:

  • Make a shield and stop access to unwanted Ips
  • We ensure the separation of DOM transition is done
  • Do not give permission to the search engines to crawl while migrating before making the app live.
  • We follow the standard migration process to make sure a complete backup of the data including internal links, URL parameters, and more is done.


We do the planning, then analyse for migration and then deployment of the app successfully. Deployment is the final stage of migration, in which we take care that your app’s memory is saved, performs well and implements elements like ReactDOM.hydrate() on the client-side. Some more essential points includes:

  • Testing Server response.
  • Checking web pages and redirecting all.
  • Cross verify the content duplicacy and clear the duplicate content if found any.
  • Add canonical tags to the web and app to make search engine understand better what to show and what not to crawl.
  • Set XML sitemaps to help Google easily find you.

Post Migration Analysis

We know what damage it could do to your app if the right assistance and support are not given to the app after the deployment or migration. We give post-migration analysis and support services to all our clients and keep an eagle eye on their performance. If any error is found in the runtime we check the key components like server logs, crawler stats, stats of old and new versions, crawl errors and more.

Want to be the first choice of your customers? Avail the benefit of ReactJS services to migrate your application to the React JavaScript platform.

Connect with ReactJS Migration Expert
Connect with ReactJS Migration Expert

Industries We Empower Leveraging Our React Native Expertise

Hire a React Native developer team or ReactJS developers from React Ninjas who have hands-on years of experience in serving a wide range of industries with bespoke enterprise-grade level solutions utilizing modern technologies and tools. Check out the industries we can transform and empower them in reaching new success heights:

  • Transportation

  • Logistics

  • Baking & Finance

  • Media &Entertainment

  • Manufacturing

  • Ecommerce & Retail

  • Real Estate

  • Wellness & Fitness

  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Oil & Gas

Why Choose React Ninjas as Your ReactJS Migration Partner?

Because we offer end-to-end migration services

We ReactNinjas have a team of solidly educated ReactJS developers and are leading the IT industry as a top-notch ReactJS migration company. For all your migration pain of your existing application and the database, we are the right choice for you. Brands rely on us and you can too as ensure dedicated assistance to all our clients across the geographies.

  • We deploy only the experienced and reliable ReactJS developer having a hand of experience on the ReactJS technology stack.
  • We align a “C” level of support to all our clients that will give real-time insights and keen guidance to make the application migration process fast but secure.
  • We make milestones and tailored plans for every project. We strictly follow deadlines to make sure the delivery is done on time and businesses meet their market needs.
  • We are a company with 10+ years of experience and hold over 50% of the strength that is working right from our beginning including a talented and highly experienced team of professionals like software engineers, designers, QA, BA, and architects.
  • We did it before and we are committed to doing it every time. That is to assure 100% client satisfaction. And we assure satisfaction to all our clients about ReactJS migration, design & development, deployment, maintenance and support.
  • We are trusted by global clients because we maintain 100% transparency. We proceed only when we sign an NDA that protects our client's privacy and business ideas.

Are you willing to migrate your existing app to ReactJS but fear the problems? Don’t worry! ReactJS developers at ReactNinjas are highly skilled and vetted. We as your reactjs migration partner ensure all your data is fine, backed up, nothing is lost nor is changed and make sure the user experience is improved.

Get ReactJS Migration Solutions Now
Get ReactJS Migration Solutions Now

FAQs About ReactJS Migration Services

1 Why Should You Choose React JS for Front-End Development?

ReactJS framework these days is a hot favorite of businesses and has strong community support. It brings not one but multiple benefits like its speed and the speed of the development process as it allows developers to segment the component and work on each part one by one on both client and server-side.

It offers flexibility, improves performance, allows you to reuse the development component which saves time and lastly it is not only for web development but is also for native iOS and Android applications.

2 What is the Estimated Cost of ReactJS Migration?

There is no right answer to the question as the cost depends on the complexity of the requirement. It further includes the cost, size, nature, functionalities and more. To know the exact estimation for your project, you can contact ReactNinjas and one of our experts will help you in estimating the cost.

3 What is the Duration Required to Migrate Websites to ReactJS?

It usually takes 3 months to seamlessly and completely migrate the small app and web. However, the duration can be figured out when the exact size and functionality are identified of the requirement and the number of resources it will take to make a successful migration.

4 Is ReactJS Migration to speed up your business?

Yes, it is. Be it any business or app built into any technology. Migrating them into ReactJS would enhance the performance of the application and will provide a better user experience to the end-users for sure than before.

5 What are some good reasons to migrate from Angular to React?

There are several reasons to migrate to React from which some are: ReactJS is the only view library and solves all the described components’ requirements. React is an innovative place as it gives the flexibility to choose your building blocks and solve different problems. It comes with its own JSX that allows developers to mix up HTML and Javascript.

React has a simple API, comes with lightweight components, unidirectional data flow, redux, close to Javascript, functional programming, and strong community support are the strong reasons that ReactJS comes with which Angular lacks. Hence, if you have an app built in Angular and looking to migrate it to reactjs, this is the right time to make your decision and lead the market.