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React Native App Development

Create Powerful, Feature-Rich Application that ensures incredible digital experience to users of different business industries leveraging React Native App Development Services.

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Custom React Native App Development Services

We have a team of expert React Native Developers that are highly skilled, solidly educated with an engineering mindset. Our developer endeavors to build voluptuous & phenomenal cross-platform apps. Leverage our top-notch React Native development services to outperform your competitors and experience brisk cross-platform mobile app development that is high performing, scalable and future-centric.


React Native App Development for Android

React Ninjas is a renowned name for offering world-class React Native services. We Outsource React Native Android App Developers to build highly competitive apps that outrank your rivals & attract customers with their aesthetic design leveraging React Native technology.


React Native App Development for iOS

Whether you're a startup, small or mid-sized company, or enterprise, we help all create result-driven apps on the choice of your platform. We have successfully deployed 50+ iOS apps and are still developing several using React Native. If you have any, count us as your technology partner.


React Native Cross-platform App Development

Leverage our experience of serving global clients in delivering state-of-the-art digital products using modern technologies. Our certified React Native developers excel in building interactive, high-quality & beautiful cross-platform mobile apps.


Full-cycle React Native Apps Development

We use powerful and modern technology frames like React JS, Redux, SQL, NPM, AJAX, JSON, and more to create a high-performing app. We have expertise in delivering turn-key development in React Native where we endeavor to build the app from scratch to launch.


React Native Consulting

We are React Ninjas. A company trusted by onshore and offshore brands for React Native for Mobile App Development services. We are armed with solidly educated and highly skilled react native professionals. We first discover your project requirement, assess it, and then endeavor to build a cross-platform app with a native look and feel.


Code Audit

Whether you have an existing app ready to use or that is not fully coded yet, if you are unsatisfied with the work done by your current technical partner. You have the opportunity to hire React Native developers from React Ninjas that have vast experience in coding and auditing apps built in React Native to detect a bug, fix it and make it compatible as it should be.


App Migration to React Native

Frustrated with the poor performance of your app because of the legacy structure, feature and interface? Looking to modernize your existing app? Worry not! You can hire React Native developers from React Ninjas to successfully migrate your app from any technology to React Native and make it highly competitive in the market.


React Native for MVP Development

Choosing React Native framework for your MVP development is the best bet as 90% of its code is reusable for Android and iOS both. Partner with React Ninjas to hire dedicated React Native developers for successfully creating, deploying, and launching your MVP fast in the market.


Server-side APIs for Native Mobile Apps

Do you own an app with no server? Is it stopping you from extending the functionality? Relax! React Ninjas is here for you. Leverage the potential of our expert React Native developers to create smart API & scalable server for your app to enable flawless and seamless communication between your app and server.

Solve Complex Problems

Is your current team unable to solve complex problems, enhance the functionality, security, & performance of your app? Are you looking to augment your team size? Need help to rescue your project? React Ninjas can help you in rescuing the project. You can count on Our Professional React Native developers to augment your team size who can solve all your complex problems leveraging decades of experience and expertise.

Shape your idea into an app using React Native, Now!
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Contact us

Dominant Benefits of React Native App Development


Extraordinary Speed

React Native is specially designed & optimized for mobile devices and uses Graphics Processing Unit that makes the app created using React Native (RN) much faster compared to other technologies. Apps created using RN load faster significantly increase the user's interest.


Less Arduous & Cost-effective

Because 95% or more codes are usable for Android or iOS app development, it saves as well as a lot of money that might be required to pay for individual apps. The architect of React Native is 100% modular and adaptable. It allows any new developer to make changes with ease, upgrade the app & add new features which further reduces the effort, money and time of the developer and the business.


True Native App Feel

React Native is a highly responsive hybrid platform. Its Native framework’s code is compiled of native code & uses the Facebook JavaScript library to build an app with dynamic & responsive interfaces that gives a native app-like feel to the customers.


100% Moveable

Whenever you desire to change or migrate the app to any other development framework, developers can simply export the app from React Native & move it into Xcode or Android Studio without worrying about starting or building the app from scratch.


Strong Community Support

React Native is an open-source platform & has strong community support among all cross-platform frameworks. It has a Reactiflux chat along with a large number of tutorials to get your queries solved instantly.


Superior Performance

React Native comes with some fantastic libraries & a native UI component for iOS and Android that enables developers to create a cutting-edge app that is high in response, speedy in performance, hot in loading, and favorite of customers in delivery capacities.

Acquire Our Comprehensive Suite of React Native Development Solutions

  • ReactJS Front End Development
  • Hybrid App Development React Native
  • React Native Windows App Development
  • eCommerce Development
  • Custom React Native Development
  • Prototype & Wireframe Development
  • Rescue Mission
  • React Native App Maintenance
  • React Native Plugin Development
  • Product Ideation & Consistency
  • React Native Game Development
  • React Native MVP development
  • React Native UI/UX and Design
  • React Native Resource Augmentation
  • Build React Native Apps 60% Faster
  • React Native App Support and Maintenance
  • React Native Testing
  • React Native Firebase Integration
  • React Native Rapid Development
  • React Native Consulting and Development
  • MVP for Mobile Startups
  • API Development
  • Custom Mobile Solutions

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We are React Ninjas.

We are Your Reliable Technology Partner. We are Your Trusted React Development Company.

Because we are the 1st choice of Global Clients as a React Native Development Company

  • Highly capable senior React Native Engineers
  • Skilled, Experienced & Expert Level React Native Developers
  • Certified React Native Developers
  • Round the Clock Customer Support
  • Specialized Attention Guaranteed
  • Adaptable in ever-changing Requirement
  • Solidly Educated Programmers with Engineering Mindset
  • 10+ Years of Experience Serving Global Clients
  • Tailored Solutions Guaranteed
  • Affordable, On-time delivery yet uncompromised Product Guaranteed

React Native Integration Solutions & Services to Optimize your Business Process

Proudly serving clients owning various domains across the globe and adding wings to their success leveraging our technical expertise.

Leveraging the potential of React Native, Native Platforms and App Integration Expertise, we are on the mission of automating the business using modern technologies like Cloud. We at React Ninjas, endeavor to automate & streamline our client’s business process, reduce costs and ensure efficiency. Our React Native developers understand that effective system integration is essential for businesses and hence, our developers are ready to create smart APIs, integrate them to render a great customer experience.

We can do many more integrations. You name it and we have the solution. Below are some of the integrations that are common and primary for every app to have to compete in the market today.

  • Payment Gateway
  • MDM Integration
  • BLE Integration
  • Chat Bot Integration
  • Beacon Integration
  • mBAAS Integration
  • Wearable Integration
  • Multilingual API integration
  • Custom Payment Gateway Integration
  • GPS, Navigation Integration
  • Code Integration
  • React Native Integration with Existing Apps

React Native to Redefine the Success for Various Industries

We have worked for a variety of domains and have successfully deployed result-driven apps to clients belonging to different industries across the globe.

  • Healthcare

  • eCommerce

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Retail

  • Telecom

  • Transport & Logistics

  • Constructions

  • Education

  • Social Networking

  • Utilities

  • Baking & Finance

  • Insurance Claim Management

  • Enterprise Apps

  • Gaming Apps

  • Fashion

  • Food & Restaurant

Massive Technology Stack We use to Deliver Optimum Result

For successful React Native Project Delivery, we leverage the potential of modern and powerful technology stacks.

Successful Companies using React Native

If you have an idea and that idea has a requirement of React Native Development skills then Ring us and discuss your project and expertise you are looking for. One of the technology experts from React Ninjas will get back to you as per your time zone. Hire the best profile from us and begin to shape your idea into a final product.

Let’s talk | Request CV for Your Project
Let’s talk | Request CV for Your Project

Our Agile Development Process

Our Result-Driven and Agile React Native Development Process to deliver products exactly you want on-time.

Gathering Project Requirement

Once you fill out the form and submit your project requirement to us. One of our React Native experts interacts with you, discusses in detail, understands your objective, assesses the requirement to give you an accurate timeline and estimation for your project including the total and types of resources it will take.

Sign a Contract

We respect your idea and privacy. Hence, we follow a strict rule of starting the project and signing a contract. We sign a contract that has an NDA included (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to protect your unique idea and valuable privacy.

Start Development to Shape your idea

Once you sign the NDA, we align your chosen profiles (developers) with you and have them work dedicatedly for you. We make sure they create state-of-the-art React Native Applications and help you to launch the app to the market sooner.

Get a free estimation of your unique project talking to one of our React Native Expert.

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Get Free Estimation Now

FAQs About React Native App Development

1Why choose React Native over Flutter for my app?

Apps that are created in Flutter are called Flutter apps and do not give a native-like feel to the user. Whereas React Native, on the other hand, uses platform-specific native UI elements, part-based components, and native codes that enable the developer to create the aesthetic user interface and deliver the same native-like experience.

2Why should I opt for React Native instead of Native Development?

Nice Question! The reason behind this is simple and logical. React Native allows you to use codes again for both iOS and Android platforms, you just have to code once, and will require less labour. Whereas Native apps are expensive as you have to hire developers for both frameworks separately, it takes more time in development compared to React Native and overall it is expensive.

In a nutshell, React Native is the best choice over native as it is a comprehensive suite for app development that covers all requirements with no future insecurity.

3Can an existing native app be migrated to react native application?

Fortunately Yes. If you have an existing app, it can get migrated into React Native with ease. To make your migration successful, you will require a team of React Native experts that have experience in migrating apps without making the business lose any data and create any flaw. However, migrating Native apps to React Native takes more time and investment and building React Native apps from scratch takes less investment and less time compared to Native App migration.

4How much time will it take to develop my app with react native platform?

As per the research made by Kinvey, if you have an idea and want to develop an MVP, it would take approximately 18 weeks (i.e., 4.5 months) to build. Experts broke down the figure into 2 parts. For frontend development, it takes 8 weeks and for backend development, it takes 10 weeks.
A feature-rich and highly complex apps like Uber and Instagram consumed time between 4.5 to 5.5 months to develop.

Rest, not all requirements are the same, hence, time depends on the features you need and the size of your app. Your idea is unique and gets a unique estimation for the development time of your app from React Ninjas.

5How much will it cost to react native app development?

The cost is never defined. As it depends on the size of your app, the number of features you need, the type of developers you select that includes from which country, and level of experience. Hence, developed countries usually charge anywhere between $100 to $150 per hour, developing countries charge between $50 to $100 and countries like India ensure the same kind of work efforts, communication, quality and on-time delivery between $20 to $50. (Depends on the level of expertise you chose).