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React Enterprise Application Development

Create flawless, scalable, robust, and highly secure enterprise applications employing the powerful React framework.

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React Enterprise Application Development Services

At React Ninjas, our capabilities allow us to spread our wings wide and offer a wide range of React enterprise app development services that include:

App Frontend Design

Our designers utilize their decades of experience and creativity to craft an exceptionally innovative frontend & intuitive user interface for your enterprise app that will attract more new users.

Custom Application Development

We have done it before and love to do it every time. We transform your imagination into a realistic visible factor by listening to your expectation and employing cutting-edge technologies to build a world-class enterprise app that meets your expectation.

App Migration & Modernization

Whether you want to upgrade, migrate, or modernize, our expert React enterprise application developers help you do that using the exemplary React framework.

Qa & App Testing

We know the life of the app is long when there are no bugs and flaws. Our highly skilled and experienced QA and software testers use the latest tools and apply best practices to detect any bug in your enterprise app and fix it to optimize performance.

Managed Services

Minimizing downtime = Better revenue. Yes, our team of expert developers offers end to end managed services that include app marketing, performance monitoring, and cloud-based solutions to assure your app is up and running 24/7 & 365 days.

Maintenance & Tech Support

From your first call to post-deployment, we are with you. We at React Ninjas, stand with all our clients even after the successful deployment of the project to ensure that we are here to provide prompt tech support and maintenance service any time you need. Just another call, and we will be up and working for you again.

Advantages of React for Enterprise App Development

Whether your goal is to broaden your business customer reach, get a massive mobile presence, keep enterprise application strategy running and reduce costs. React can develop enterprise applications quickly and efficiently and automate the entire business that funds and introduces the innovation to keep you ahead of the competitors.


React allows the app developers to write codes individually, use the client-side and server-side part of the application, and modify it as per the requirement. This does not even affect the application’s performance and enables developers to speedily code the app.


Contrary to another frontend framework, React is quite different. It offers a modular structure that makes it completely flexible, easier to maintain, and allows developers to make changes in real-time. As a result, it saves time, energy, and money for businesses.


The purpose of React is actually to provide and enhance the performance of the apps and web apps. It comes with a virtual DOM program & server-side rendering that helps to add power to the complex apps and improves performance to make them run extremely fast.

Reusable Components

It’s a gem. React allows developers to code only once and reuses them when required for the same feature. In addition, if any changes are made in any part of the app, it won’t affect the other. This is the beauty of React, makes it a reusable component supporter that not only is beneficial for the developers but also for the businesses as it saves a huge amount of time, money, & energy.

Mobile App Development

It doesn't matter if you want web development, web app development, or just app development for a single or various OS. Facebook has upgraded the React framework that now allows developers to build mobile native applications for both Android & iOS platforms.

Build React Enterprise Apps

Are you excited to develop a high-grade React enterprise application development solution?
Shape & scale your Enterprise Apps and Speedup application development with the industry leader in low-code under your budget.

Top Reasons to Use React for Enterprise App Development

Not one, but there are many reasons to choose React for Enterprise app development. React is currently gaining popularity as the best frontend framework across the industries and especially for enterprise app development needs.

Be it mobile or web apps, React is an ideal platform for both meeting complex needs and client requirements by simply modifying the codes. Enterprise app comes with a huge responsibility and heavy architecture which is easily manageable in React as it automates the communication between the company and its customers.

Break the Ice and start your project with us.

Our work has witnessed some local brands become global brands across the industries.

Why Choose React Ninjas For Enterprise App Development

Choose us because we have been the reason for the local brands becoming global Icons and we want to make you too.

Our experienced team of React developers uses the most advanced tools, techniques, and coding standards to develop high-performing enterprise apps. At React Ninjas, our developers enjoy developing the app and consider solving any complex challenge as their core duty. Our team has a decade of experience in developing successful mobile applications across the industries. Collaborate with us and grab the opportunity to work the with top 2% of India’s React talents who can help you make custom apps meeting your exact business requirements.

Foolproof Solutions Vendor

Regardless of the size of the businesses, our developers have helped clients across the globe from various industries in developing the app from scratch and finetuning the existing one. This humble role & dedication has made us the trustworthy React solution provider.

Multiple Tech Expertise

Be it our technical capability or industry knowledge, our developers are masters in their field and are well-versed in various domains and technologies. This sound understanding and experience allow us to help you find the best-suited solution for your new or existing project.

Results Focused Methods

We apply only the best and battle-tested development practice and expertise that makes us laser-focused on obtaining and delivering the results you want to see. This passion has attracted many clients to us whom we have helped as they wanted. We will do the same for you.

Hassle Free Communication

We are committed to the system and transparency. Our developers use the best communication channel and PM tools like Trello, JIRA, & Basecamp to make sure no communication gap is experienced by you. To break any possibility of poor communication, we align the project manager with you who will keep you updated with every move and progress of the project. We always ensure a seamless communication process.

Process Driven Development

We are process believers and a system-driven organization. Be it the CTO, project manager, or developers, all are bound to follow the process for any size or work. Whether it’s design, development, integration, or maintenance, we rigidly follow a battle-tested process that allows us to deliver flawless products on time.

Reliable Tech Support

The success of the app is not just a launch to market but strong and reliable support. We at React Ninjas, offer round-the-clock support & maintenance services for your enterprise app to ensure that the app is free from bugs, performs well, and solves any issues in real-time if found. We offer pre and post-deployment tech support for any project.

Industries We Serve

At React Ninjas, our team’s technical prowess allows them to create industry-focused custom React enterprise app that is future-centric and capable of meeting evolving demands. From many whom we have catered to, here are some of the top industrial names you can see

  • Ecommerce & Retail

  • Education

  • Baking & Finance

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare

  • Real Estate

  • Wellness & Fitness

  • Transportation

  • Logistics

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Oil & Gas

Want to build a user-friendly enterprise app using React?

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FAQs About Enterprise App Development

1If I opt for React for large enterprise apps development, is it a good decision?

As 68.9% of the React developers enjoy working with the React framework for enterprise app development, it shows the majority is weighing there which itself justifies the answer. It allows them to develop enterprise apps using UI components. It comes with a component-based architecture that allows the developer to break down the project into small segments and focus on completing one, then the next, and so on. The modular architecture and strong community support make React a good choice for even a large enterprise app development.

2Do you offer support & maintenance services for custom enterprise applications?

Yes, we do provide custom enterprise application maintenance and support service. We know and understand that to lead and stay still in the market, it is necessary to have sharp developers and experts who can take care of your product and make sure it is running fine and performing well enough to meet the objective.

We provide 24/7 support and maintenance services to custom enterprise apps and others well. We keep auditing your app in a cadence to find any bugs or flaws. If we find any, we fix it in real-time and make sure the app is up and running.

3Is it possible to create an Android & iOS app using React?

Absolutely Yes! We can create both using React. React is a JavaScript library, and React is a cross-platform that allows developers to code once and use it for both iOS and Android. The code written in React Native is compatible with both, plus the library follows the same design pattern. This makes React the best choice to create Android & iOS apps.

4What are the apps that can be built using React?

Single page apps, enterprise apps, large-scale projects, mobile apps, web apps, complex UIs, data visualization dashboards, and many more are built with React. Pinterest, Airbnb, Paypal, and more are examples of apps built using React.

If you have any ideas or want to develop an app like any of the above, feel free to reach React Ninjas and we will be helping you become a global brand from a local name.

5How much will it cost me for React enterprise app development?

There is no straight answer to this question. You will get dynamic answers always if you are finding the cost for your app development. Yes, every project is unique and has a different requirement. Hence, the price also differs.

Several factors decide the cost of the development. And in the case of enterprise app development, the size of the app, number of features, UI, number of developers you want, type of developers you want (experience level), the country you select to develop your app, and many other factors.

If you have an idea to develop an enterprise app or finetune the existing one, feel free to reach out React Ninjas, and our React Ninjas will help you by giving you the exact cost of the enterprise app development.